3 Tips for Traveling with a Furry Friend

Traveling as a couple or a family can be a great opportunity for adventure. But some families assume that when they head out of town, their furry friends won’t be able to make the journey. Families often bring in a house sitter to take care of their pets or even make reservations at a local kennel. In reality, with a little bit of planning and packing, it is possible to bring a pet along without a lot of hassle.

Bring the Essentials

Just like a human needs clothing, shoes, and toiletries for a trip, a pet is also going to need to have some essentials on hand. The good news is that these items are things that most families already have at home. A pet needs a collar with identification. The name of the pet and a contact number are very important, especially when everyone is away from home. A leash is also a must when traveling. Chances are the pet is going to need to take a potty break in new places where a leash is a great idea.

Extended Travel Time

It doesn’t matter if a family is driving or flying, chances are that it is going to take a little extra time with a pet in tow. On a plane, the dog must be checked in and the necessary paperwork provided. Many require that the pet stay in a crate or carrier throughout the duration of the flight. Others are more flexible. Driving offers lots of flexibility, and that’s important when it comes to pets. They need to get out, stretch, move around, and go to the bathroom frequently in order for travel to be enjoyable.

Think About the Accommodations

Humans don’t worry so much about whether or not a hotel will take them. Instead, they may worry about the cost of the hotel or even the size of the room. Pet owners need to know that there are many motels and hotels that are pet friendly. When making reservations, be sure to ask about the establishment’s pet policy. Some may require a deposit while others may charge a small fee. Either way, it’s nice to be in an environment where pets are welcome. If you are interested in planning out travel with your pet, check out http://autumn-rain.net/ for some great tips.

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